Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Jacksonville Fresh’s Market

All Members of the Jacksonville Fresh Online Farmer’s Market (JFM) must agree to be bound by the following Rules (which may be modified at any time by the JFM) and by applying to become a Member agree to be so bound:

Expectations for the Customer:

  • Each order placed by a customer is a legally enforceable contract.If a customer fails to pickup an order, the customer is still obligated to pay for the items in the order.
  • JFM staff will inspect and pack all orders prior to pickup. In the event that a product is damaged during packing or is found to be of poor quality, JFM will provide a store credit to the customer.
  • The goal of JFM is to provide the highest quality produce, and this requires our member farmers/producers to deliver market-grade products.The customer understands that since many of JFM farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides, fruits and vegetables may have cosmetic inconsistencies (i.e., produce will not look “perfect”).

Expectations of the Producer/ Farmer:

  • All produce and market items must be of top quality. JFM market management reserves the right to turn away any items deemed unacceptable. All Producers are ultimately responsible to the customer for the quality and freshness of all items that they produce and sell on JFM.
  • Producers must be the originator of all items being sold. No buying and reselling of produce or other products are allowed.
  • The producer’s farm or business shall be visited and their operations reviewed by JFM representatives before his/her application will be considered for approval.
  • Producers may sell items that they have assisted in producing on a participating JFM farm in good standing. JFM producers cannot buy items from another farm and sell them on JFM as their own product.
  • Producers who farm in more than one location under the same name shall have all locations reviewed by a JFM representative.


Saleable products include:

  • Any vegetable grown by the seller from seeds, sets, or seedlings, or as outlined in #6 above.
  • Any fruits, nuts or berries grown by the seller from trees, bushes, or vines on the seller’s farm, or as outlined in #6 above.
  • Any plant grown by the seller from seed, seedling, transplant or cutting, or as outlined above.
  • Bulbs propagated by the producer.
  • Honey harvested directly from the producer’s bees and bottled and labeled according to state requirements.
  • Fresh cut or dried flowers grown by the producer.
  • Item Price and unit name must be posted at the time of listing for all items for sale.


All prepared food items, meat, fish, eggs and cheese sold shall meet state and local health regulations including the inspection of the prepared foods producer’s kitchens by FDACS inspectors and labeling in compliance with current regulations. Producers shall have a copy of their current inspection form on file with JFM.

Eggs produced by the producer’s poultry and processed in accordance with Florida law: Egg producer’s must have a current Florida Poultry and Egg permit on file with the JFM.

Fresh baked goods made by the producer: All baked goods must be wrapped and produced in a certified kitchen. A current kitchen certification shall be on file with JFM.

Frozen goods: Frozen foods shall be frozen solid and have a temp of 32F / 0C or lower. Frozen foods will be rejected if not frozen or if there is reason to believe it has thawed and been refrozen.
Signs of temperature abuse include:
Fluids or moisture stains on boxes or packaging (that is not the result of the product being on ice)
A large presence of ice crystals on the product
Excessive frozen liquid in the packaging

Preserves, jams, jellies, etc. and low risk processed foods, made by the seller in a certified and inspected kitchen. High Acid or Acidified foods (pickles, tomato products, etc.) may be sold if the seller has passed the FDA certification course. A copy of the producer’s current certification must be on file with JFM.

Fish, meat, cheese, and milk from animals raised and maintained by the producer. All products shall be produced and packaged in accordance with Florida Law. All current appropriate licensing and certifications shall be on file with JFM.


All items sold by a producer as “Certified Organic” or “Certified Naturally Grown” must meet all the requirements of the program the producer is claiming certification under. Sellers of certified organic items must have a current copy of their certification on file with RHO. Only those producers with current documentation of the certification may display signs or packaging logos using the terms, “certified organic” (for National Organic Program), and “Certified Naturally Grown” (for the CNG program).



No animals may be sold or given away at JFM.


All products should be labeled with the producer’s name and name of the product, and the selling unit (1/2 pound, bunch, etc). Labels should be of sufficient quality to adhere to the package through handling by JFM staff during order preparation. The name of the product on the label should match exactly the name of that product as it was listed on the market.

Producers are expected to be on time when bringing their products to the Market. Not arriving on time impacts packing and deliveries.

To cover administrative, marketing and transportation costs, JFM receives 40% of sales revenue from each participating producer.

All Producers, by becoming a member of the Jacksonville Fresh Online Farmer’s Market, agree to indemnify the Jacksonville Fresh Online Farmer’s Market against any liability for any claims or damages resulting from that Producer’s products sold, including all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the Jacksonville Fresh Online Farmer’s Market in defending itself from any such claim.

Last Updated December 18, 2018